Asset Allocation

We construct portfolios based on our individual client’s risk profiles. We believe that Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) should dictate portfolio construction. By combining different asset classes with low correlation, we seek a prudent balance between risk and reward.

We focus on the long-term which allows us to take advantage of a myopic market. We believe an important aspect of a successful wealth management relationship is to create an emotional barrier between the client and the short-term noise in the capital markets that can lead to poor decision-making.

Manager Selection and Monitoring

We employ an extensive research and a rigorous due diligence process to select and monitor specialized money managers for our client portfolios. The team also follows a disciplined process in creating, implementing and rebalancing portfolios.

Single Stock Diversification Planning

For many investors, wealth comes in the form of a concentrated position in a single company. We can utilize techniques to help address the significant risk in a concentrated portfolio using hedging, monetization, diversification and charitable strategies.

Alternative Investment Funds

We believe that high net-worth individuals should have a balanced portfolio that includes alternative investments. We identify opportunities through our rigorous investment process and leverage our network and experience to identify capacity-constrained opportunities. Through our research and due diligence process, we focus on identifying managers with a sustainable competitive advantage, a consistent and repeatable investment process, and disciplined risk management. In addition, we attempt to generate attractive long-term returns which requires constantly re-underwriting the portfolio and anticipating rather than reacting to changing market conditions.