Our Philosophy

At BT Wealth Management, our goal as investment managers is to achieve the highest return for our clients with a portfolio that fits their individual risk preferences. As such, we believe the following:

  • Asset allocation is the largest determinant of portfolio performance. By allocating client assets into a diversified portfolio made up of multiple asset classes, overall portfolio risk is reduced. Over time, asset classes fluctuate between overvalued and undervalued, allowing an investment manager to add value through regular, disciplined portfolio rebalancing.
  • Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) should dictate portfolio construction. By combining different asset classes with low correlation, we strive to achieve a balance between risk and reward.
  • Astute investing requires discipline. Individuals tend to abandon their principles as markets become more volatile. Our disciplined approach to investing seeks to remove emotion from the decision making process.
  • Focus on the long term. We strive to create a filter between our clients and the short term noise in capital markets that can lead to poor decision making.
  • Emphasize factors we can control. We seek to maximize net returns by controlling tax inefficiencies, fees and transaction costs.